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September ’20

I just want to dive straight back in to what I do best, or at least what I think I do best…talking about beauty products! It definitely feels like it’s been a little lifetime since I last wrote a post but let’s save the bibliographical style of writing for another time.

I think an ‘Empties’ post/ video is the best insight into truly seeing what products people actually love and use, until empty. I’ve been meaning to do this for about a year now, and have actually saved up a small paper bag of empty boxes and bottles but being the first time I’m just going to start with my very faves, my most-loved, my top tier babies that have been loved until left empty. This is a culmination of cruelty-free makeup and skincare I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using and have reached for on the daily, ’til tattered and hollow on the inside, a bit like the walls of the brains of the men I’ve met on dating apps.

Another little thing to note, is that I’ve also indicated whether a product is either cruelty-free or cruelty-free & vegan. CF indicates that the product and brand does not test on animals at all and vegan indicates that the formula contains no animal derivatives, products or by-products. The two are not always mutually exclusive, so be sure to look into this when researching a brand/ product. I’m aware that we are all looking for different things from our beauty products and we all have different ethics, beliefs etc. I hope this helps!

Stay Naked Foundation – Urban Decay Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Find it here

I’ll jump straight in with one of my most-used products; the Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation. I wear the shade 40CP, I don’t know what that means and am just as clueless when it comes to undertones and pigments, all I know is that this is a perfect match for me. This bottle has lasted me a year exactly, so plenty of bang for the buck, and while I know it’s not cheap it really is a beautiful quality foundation. I think £31 is a fair price for a good quality foundation.

The coverage is medium to light, so if you’re looking for heavy coverage this may not be for you but it is buildable to some extent and for warmer, summer months it’s lightweight and easy to apply. I personally use it year round because I’m very fussy with makeup and so is my skin. It agreed with me from the offset and I definitely recommend giving it a try. Also Lizzo is the covergirl for this so… do you really need any more convincing?

Would I re-purchase?

The second bottle is in the mail as we speak. Now that I know my shade and now that ASOS have begun to stock Urban Decay extensively, I can order directly from there, however, I was originally shad-matched in Debenhams.

Conceal & Define Liquid Concealer – Makeup Revolution CF & V

Find it here

While we’re on the subject of foundation and base, lets talk about the Makeup Revolution concealers. These are excellent, these are super cheap, these come in an extremely extensive shade range and these are so readily available. These had a great deal of hype when they first came out and I totally understand why. They are medium to full coverage, which really is what I look for with these dark-ass bags under my eyes – I know I look like I’ve been tired since 1998 – but these really help. I’ve also used darker shades as a liquid contour and lighter shades for a bright, under-eye highlight. For £4.99 you can probably afford to have a few shades for different uses in your makeup bag. I’ve re-stocked different shades countless times.

Would I re-purchase?

Definitely. Although I’ve been looking for higher-end, higher-coverage formulas, these are really a great safety net to fall back on. I either purchase from Superdrug or ASOS.

Solution – Glossier CF & V

Find it here

I’ve spoken about his product here before, and in all fairness, I have used up every drop! For those who don’t know, Solution is a chemical exfoliator, which removes dead skin cells, leaving a clean, fresh complexion. I noticed a huge difference in the appearance and feel of my skin almost immediately after the first few uses. I used it at night, before bed, after cleansing and would wake up with the softest-feeling skin and completely clear complexion. I have noticed that since this has run out, Ive been a lot more prone to blemishes, breakouts and it seems that the appearance of my skin is a lot more un-even and less clear-looking.

Would I re-purchase?

One gripe I did have with this, is that it leaves the face very sticky once applied with a cotton pad. Although I hate this feeling so much – especially before bed – it is a factor I would overlook in the future, based on the great results I get after use. This may not be a product I buy continuously throughout the year, but perhaps a little treat, that re-sets my skin a few times a year. This 130ml bottle lasts at least a good month or two. It is designed to “..transform the look of skin in four weeks…” and the bottle size reflects this fairly. I’m also aware that a continuous chemical exfoliant may not be good 365 days a year, so I’ll move forward with this one intermittently.

Boy Brow – Glossier CF

Find it here

Moving onto brows. Glossier Boy Brow was the first ever product I’d ever used on these dark, mediterranean caterpillars. I am open to try other brands brow products, but this is so sublime, it would be hard to beat. It’s kind of like my first love – well, the eyebrow equivalent – so it may be hard to move on from and may just always remain in my heart and makeup-bag. I’m a big Glossier fan – that’s no secret – but when they make appropriately priced products which compliment people’s natural features so much, it’s really hard not to.

I wear the darkest shade ‘Black’ and the formula mixed with the shape and texture of the brush applicator, means that you can really create your desired shape, colour and texture, in a very natural-looking way. There’s no risk of over-drawing or over-buffing with this, it’s fail-safe and fool-proof. Amazing for brow-beginers, those who like their brows done in 3.5 seconds, those who love a natural look, I could go on… I really love the texture this brings to the brow hairs, to the point where I often judge myself for not using it sooner, looking back on previous flat and basic-brow times. Hindsight is a beauty, amirite?

Would I re-purchase?

Yes. I am also looking to branch out with other brow products and brands, now that this has done a great job at breaking the ice into the brow world for me.

Milky Oil – Glossier CF & V

Find it here

Lastly, in terms of top-tier empty Glossier I have to talk about the Milky Oil. It’s a waterproof makeup remover and is just the easiest and smoothest way to remove stubborn mascara or thick elaborate eyeshadow. I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of jazzy, colourful, heavily pigmented looks for Instagram over the past few months and I’m so glad I’ve had this to help me through that dreaded removal process. I purchased this on a whim to try out, being the Glossier gal I am, there’s not often a product that I don’t like from them, and this didn’t disappoint either.

I give this a little shake so that the oil and micellar water solution mix evenly, then apply a small amount onto a cotton pad. A full eye of shadow, mascara and liner needs 2-3 gentle swipes at the most with this product. No sore, dry eyes from rubbing/ scratching the makeup off. A little goes a long way here, this small bottle will remove countless eyeshadow looks over the space of its life.

Would I re-purchase?

Mentally planning my next Glossier order, as I type. For now, for me, this is the ultimate easy-to-use, skin-kind eye makeup remover. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. A firm fave.

Vitamin C Toner – InstaNatural CF & V

Find it here

I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken of this before here. This is one of the staples in my skincare routine. It’s the most skin-kind toner I have come across. I have sensitive skin, with a combination of drier and oiler areas across my face, so it can be hard to find products which work well for me in general. I’ve been using and re-purchasing this for over a year, possibly two now, and have even introduced it to my mum. She was struggling with her sensitive skin too, with extremely dry patches around her eyes. We switched her previous Olay toner, for this and have seen a world of difference. The toner really sets the standard and the foundation for the skincare routine.

Would I re-purchase?

I use this twice daily, after cleansing to close pores and refresh the skin, ready for skincare products which follow. I will continue to re-purchase this, as it works much better for me than Lush and The Body Shop alternatives that I have tried. It contains the perfect balance of nourishing oils and other good stuff which all compliment my sensitive skin beautifully. Would recommend to all!

If you guys have enjoyed this round-up of my very favourite Product Empties, do let me know, and I may do so more regularly!

Take care of yourselves, your skin and each other,

Ev x

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