2020 – not a total sh*t show.

Right, it’s been 3 whole months and 14 days since my last post.Just looking back now at my diary [to actually enable me access back into my own blog,] I flicked across the ‘goals’ page of the diary from the start of this year. Almost laughing out loud (or slight aggressive puff of air outContinue reading “2020 – not a total sh*t show.”

BORN A CRIME Book Review

A few months ago I made a commitment to do better for Black Lives. My education and support continues, whether it be behind the scenes in silence, or openly and honestly with you all. I’ll start by saying that this book superseded my expectations. I have been a an enthusiastic follower of Trevor Noah’s comedyContinue reading “BORN A CRIME Book Review”

My Commitment To Black Lives Matter

In the wake of the George Floyd tragedy I found myself unable to formulate words for any social media posts that felt appropriate. I felt angry, powerless, depressed and guilty, as a white person, but in the same breath determined to make things better and adamant to prove that I am totally anti-racist. Silence canContinue reading “My Commitment To Black Lives Matter”

HEMP Beauty – What’s The Deal?

In the spirit of 420 I decided to do a little research and talk about a few of the Hemp-inspired products in my beauty collection, as I seemed to have accumulated quite few recently. For those who don’t know 420 (April the 20th) is a day synonymous with the celebration of cannabis smoking in America,Continue reading “HEMP Beauty – What’s The Deal?”

26 Things To Do Right Now

A comprehensive list of suggestions and ideas to inspire you during this bizarre time in our lives. I’ve been finding myself spending a lot more time at home because my workplace is temporarily closed and I don’t really fancy catching the coronavirus and/or potentially spreading it among the old and vulnerable. So, I’ve decided toContinue reading “26 Things To Do Right Now”

Love Island? Thank U, Next

While I’m sat here in our chaotic family office, Chihuahua-on-lap, eating my way through the last slice of morello cherry pie I can think of 101 good reasons to hate everyone’s most-loved, most-watched ITV2 series, but you’re all people with lives so I’ll make it as brief and hopefully conclusive as possible. As a 24-year-oldContinue reading “Love Island? Thank U, Next”

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