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Six Skincare Suggestions

I’m not entirely sure what my obsession is with alliteration when it comes to blog posts and titles, but let’s go with it. I’ve come up with a few of my simple suggestions, that I personally intergrate into my routine to keep my skin looking and feeling as sweet and settled as a middle-aged middle-class white man in middle America. I’ve gone out of my way NOT to call them ‘tips’ because ‘tips’ suggest the author is writing from a position of superior knowledge. I’m just a gal on the internet – a useless gal some might even say – I wouldn’t allow myself to give tips because seriously who do I think I am? The mother Theresa of the skincare world? I’m not Caroline Hirons for gods sake.

I get spots, I can get lazy with skincare, I haven’t mastered the perfect complexion, I don’t even know what a serum is yet, but for the most part I’ve really enjoyed taking care of my skin and establishing a set-up where I feel glowing and great both with and without makeup- surely that’s all it’s about?

*Just a little disclaimer before anyone gets ants in their pants crying that “you’re not a dermatologist, how dare you give advice!” To them I say, again, these are just suggestions, most of them based around common sense and common knowledge of science as well as my experience. Isn’t that the beauty of blogging? Everyone’s experience is personal, unique, varied… but still completely valid and worth reading about.

In recent months my skin has changed drastically for the better. These are just some of the things I do to keep that glowey, olivey Greek skin in the family.

1. Remove That Make-up

No matter how tired you are at the end of your day, I think this is one of the most crucial things to do. Based on my limited knowledge I know that leaving dirt on the skin’s surface for prolonged periods of time is just not healthy. It will clog pores, it will dry the skin, it won’t end well in any way. Find a cleanser/ micellar water that does the trick for you – half the battle can be finding one that works for your skin- and once you have, you’ll be well on your way. A clean face is the basis of all healthy skincare routines.

Glossier introduced me to good skin, I use their Milky Jelly Cleanser twice daily after removing makeup and the Solution chemical exfoliator on a cleansed face before bed.

2.Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise or however you do it…

Heck, add as many steps to your routine as your skin needs or wants. The general order I follow is cleanse the skin, spritz the toner to close the open pores and then moisturise, these are the basics. We live in a revolutionary time for beauty; there seems to be a product for everything, every part of our faces and bodies. While it’s great to experiment and try new products and routines, your skin may not need all that. My grandma survived with a bar of Dove soap and she looked a complete clear-skinned queen. Find what’s right for you, not what the magazine is telling you to buy.

Adapt your skincare routine to suit your skin’s needs. Only use what your skin needs.

3.Use Protection

You get one set of skin, unless you’re part reptilian, so find a sunscreen you like and use it. We know the damage UV rays can do when exposed to our bare skin, and apart from the aesthetic aspect of looking like an old leather shoe, it’s paramount to protect your skin for health reasons too. I’m still on the hunt for a moisturiser that incorporates SPF, because it’s not just when basking in the sun on holiday that the skin needs protecting, it really is everyday. I’ve tried some moisturisers with SPF, but am yet to find one that suits my skin – recommendations always welcome! Another easy, cheap way to protect the delicate skin around your eyes, is to throw on a pair of sunglasses. You can find so many that have UV protection incorporated into the lens.

I tried out Organii last summer as my first cruelty-free sunscreen and aside from smelling lovely, being certified organic, I did not burn once in the Italian Summer sun. I found them on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box site along with so many other great products too.

4.Shop Consciously

I’m becoming ever-more aware of the products I put on my skin. It’s true that the skin is an organ, it’s porous meaning that it absorbs almost everything you put on it – 64% to be precise – so choose your products wisely. A lot of big-brand products found on most peoples’ shelves are packed with chemicals, not only not skin-kind but not planet or animal-kind either. When there are so many natural, organic, well-researched, vegan, cruelty-free, ETHICAL brands out there, why the hell are you still using Garnier? Claiming it’s cheap and convenient isn’t an excuse that’s going to fly anymore, your skin deserves better. So does Mother Earth and so do the animals.

Sukin, Lush, The Body Shop, InstaNatural, Pixi, The Ordinary, Neal’s Yard, Bare Minerals… are just some of many, many many cruelty-free skincare brands.

5.Change Your Pillowcase

A few weeks back I discovered the appalling fact that most British people shower just once a week. I can’t remember where I heard this fact, but if this is you, wise up. If you insist on washing scarcely then you best be changing that pillowcase on the fly. It’s gross and unhygienic because your body will unknowingly become a breeding ground for bacteria. By what I understand acne and breakouts can not only be hormonal and genetic but also predominantly caused by bacteria on the skin’s surface. This is why it’s important to keep your skin and pillowcase clean. I don’t know what people’s sheet-changing routines are like but I try to change mine every week. The pillowcase has direct contact with the skin for a large portion of the night, it’s logical to keep your face’s resting place clean right? Especially if you’re someone who’s lazy with removing your makeup at night.

6.Sleep More & Eat Consciously

With the minimal research I’ve done for this post, it’s also true that causes of acne are also related to stress and diet. When I’m in a good routine with my sleep, I truly see a difference in my skin. When I don’t sleep I look and feel like a sick victorian child, not an ounce of glow. Similarly to when I eat sugary, crappy foods, it’s visible in my complexion, maybe that’s why I’ve broken out in spots this week? Those Time Out wafer bars teamed with my current emotional state are a recipe for disaster and evidently terrible skin too. Seeing how your skin reacts to certain foods, drinks and sleep routines is often a really good indicator of whether something agrees with you or not. Listen to your skin.

I hope this post has come across as helpful and informative in some way. Most of these points truly are common-sense-based but sometimes we can become so obsessed with putting fancy oils and serums over our skin that we completely overlook the basics. Today I finished the Time Out wafters and saw my therapist for the emotional side of things, so I can go back to having good skin next week, hopefully. *Insert crying laughing face emoji here because I’m joking but also completely serious.

Happy skincare babes xx

SAND & SKY Review

Pink Clay Porefining Mask

Good evening blog-reading babes! As decided by the poll on my Instagram stories, the new product you most wanted to see reviewed was the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask – is that the longest name for a product ever or nah? I’ve also been trying out another exciting cruelty-free brand – CoCo & Eve – whose fig hair mask I’ll be blabbing about soon in another post, but for now let’s get to it with the pink goodness!

I’m going to start doing quick little overviews on review posts at the bottom of the post, for the less-avid readers amongst you. For further description carry on reading, for the quick tea, scroll to the bottom.

*For those wondering, to quote Cruelty-Free Kitty: Sand & Sky is crueltyfree. This brand has confirmed that it is truly crueltyfree. They don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties.” This is what I like to see, they are also PETA certified. Woo!

I’d been wanting to try this brand for a long time, mainly because I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing (usually pink) packaging but also your gal loves a thiccc face mask. Yep, I can understand that £23 may seem a lot for a little tub of clay but I’m always of the belief that if you find a product you love, that more importantly makes you feel great and encourages you to take care of yourself and your skin, then whose to put a price on that? Excitingly Sand&Sky has become widely available in the U.K. now and if you dig deep, you can even find it on promotion; I picked this mini tub up in the Oliver Bonas sale. Again, woo indeed!

Purchase directly from their site here, on BeautyBay or find them at other beauty sites.

Appearance-wise it’s exactly as you’d expect a clay mask to be, but texturally smoother, thicker and more luxurious feeling than most. The scent is unusual, almost marzipan-like, quite strong but I don’t care too much because it performs beautifully. It’s super easy to apply, I probably suggest using a small brush and it’s just as easy to wipe off. I noticed an instant difference to the appearance of my skin after one use, this is not always the case with skincare. My skin felt tighter somehow, it looked brighter, healthier in general – my cheeks were actually rosy instead of my usual shade of lives-in-the-U.K.-never-sees-the-sun colour. The pores across my nose were less visible, my face felt great! Yes, I’m impressed.

I love that the packaging feels weighted and well-made, it adds to the more premium feel of the product plus the design is non-fussy and well… pink.

Depending on skin type it’s suggested to be used 2-3 times a week after cleansing skin, followed by a moisturiser or serum if you so wish. I’ve read reviews that some found the formula drying; I didn’t have this experience but it is something to keep in mind. On the other hand it has been award-winning and loved by many, many people. You’ll always need to make your skincare work around you; if you have dry skin, use less frequently perhaps, followed by moisturising. I have patches of dry skin and have had no issues; skincare is trial and error.


This is based purely on my experience and personal opinion, of course product experience is always unique from one babe to another.

  • Formulation (appearance, scent, texture): 8/10 The scent may deter those who aren’t keen on scented masks.
  • Performance : 9/10 Skin feels like a rosy 6 year-old rather than sleep-deprived at twenty five
  • Value (worth the dollar?): 7.5/10 If you can get a deal or promo, more than worth it
  • Packaging: 9/10
  • Would I repurchase? YES

All-in-all I will continue to use this beautiful mask frequently as well as probably trying more from this lovely Australian-made brand. If you think I’ve left anything out in this review then please do let me know, you can find me @the.useless.blogger on the gram!

Love Island? Thank U, Next

While I’m sat here in our chaotic family office, Chihuahua-on-lap, eating my way through the last slice of morello cherry pie I can think of 101 good reasons to hate everyone’s most-loved, most-watched ITV2 series, but you’re all people with lives so I’ll make it as brief and hopefully conclusive as possible.

As a 24-year-old gal who once ogled over reality shows from XFactor and Pop Idol to I‘m A Celebrity and beyond, in my old age, or perhaps conscious brain, I’ve become completely, utterly and unashamedly bored of it all. I know what you’re thinking, you’re about to exit the page; “Ev chill out, it’s a bit of harmless fun,” my rhetoric to you would be “What about the planet babe? What about representation, diversity and social responsability.” When did we stop caring about the above? While it may seem that appearance-based shows like Love Island seem like harmless trash tv gold, through the fake tan and veneers- pun intended- it actually presents quite a few serious problems.

I suppose this is my way of saying I’m boycotting the show.

It may seem more evident than ever that there is an 84 year-old-soul living within me, but after admittedly watching the previous two summer series of ITV2’s Love Island, I can decidedly say I couldn’t bring myself to watch a third. For those of you who don’t know the show, to quote the excellent and reliable source of information that is Wikipedia “A group of men and women participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping till they meet the love of their life.” Pretty accurate, for once, apart from the last part. Sometimes in life you need to eat your way through two thirds of the crisp packet before deciding that maple syrup and bacon is an unacceptable flavour of fried potato snacks, this is kind of how I feel about my experience with the show. I think we can all be partial to a touch of escapism, it’s the beauty of TV, but it’s become so mind-numbing to me, that for the most part I would leave it on as background noise whilst going about doing something else.

Am I the type of person who also enjoys a history-based documentary or a period drama? Yes. Can I also appreciate a bit of a twenty-first century sh*t show? Also, yes. But at what point does escapism become damaging?

I’d say I got through about 4 episodes of each season before thinking ‘what on gods good green Earth am I watching?’ I’m certainly not here to demean anyone’s intelect, but I mean, one contestant didn’t know the meaning of the word Brexit. I mean…I can’t. I kept giving it chances because it was supposedly so ‘great’, emphasis on the word supposedly. Each and every time I would only find myself captivated by the the underdogs, the characters who didn’t rely on their outwardly appearance to succeed. Doctor Alex the welsh A&E doctor and more recently, Curtis, the male dancer. I’d go as far as to say the show acts as an evening gap-filler for most people. It’s an everyone will be talking about this tomorrow at work, or better still in the group chat, type of vice. More-so, what about all those Facebook and Twitter memes you won’t understand?! Well, let me tell you, the world goes on around these crazes and it’s okay not to get dragged into it. Good for you actually if you don’t, you are graced with both taste and decorum!

I suppose the point I want to make is; what does it actually bring to the table? More harm than good if you look at it collectively. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I realised what I would actually be getting myself in for, in writing and researching this post. Apart from the world of abuse I’m potentially opening myself up for, it’s now forcing me to think about the impact of this show. The influence of the media often created a lot of the struggles I was presented with as a growing girl, with on-going body image issues to this day, from articles to shows about diets, surgery and ‘the perfect body.’ Love Island is the modern-day equivalent of this type of image toxicity.

I have an issue with the inaccurate representation they portray. Toned, bronzed, conventionally ‘attractive’ people adorned with clothes, swimwear and products to surreptitiously promote to devoted fans of the show. If I see one more Love Island plastic water bottle, I swear. Is this popular show somehow exempt from preventing climate and environmental damage? I think not. I just hate how detached it is from reality. I want to see women pulling out their bikini bottom wedgies as they get up from a 4 hour poolside nap, sunburnt and confused. Last night’s mascara smudged down their face, pimples, cellulite and scars showing as they talk about their experiences and real-life stories. Wearing the same pair of shorts for the third day in a row because that’s what people do on holiday!! This is part of what it means to be a human surely? Not the perfectly-polished, filtered version that is coming through screens across the U.K. It’s time we stopped feeding this shit to young kids, it’s eternally damaging.

If they continue the show, there needs to be more diversity; contenstants that don’t necessarily fit that instagram model mould. I want to see people of all ethnic origins, all body sizes, all genders, ages, professions and religions having chats that aren’t heavily edited by producers, because that would be an accurate representation of society. That is a show I’d tune in for.

It’s near impossible to encapsulate all that is wrong with Love Island in one simple, concise post; each issue deserves it’s own platform. There is so much I haven’t even touched upon; mental health issues caused by the surge of success following the show, the fast-fashion brands sponsoring the primetime pageant, the list is biblical. As a blogger you may have been expecting posts entitled ‘how to get the Love Island look,’ ‘how to single-handedly kill the planet with your fashion choices inspired by Molly-Mae’ or ‘tips for a winter sun tan’ – all themes in keeping with the show – but that’s just not me. I am the useless blogger after all.

This is really just a few thoughts I wanted to get off my chest while the media has been it’s usual Love Island fuelled frenzy. If you did enjoy the post and want me to go a little more in depth with a possible part 2 of this, then please do drop me a message @the.uselesss.blogger on Insta.

2020 who dis?

A Year of Re-birth & Recovery

Hello blog-reading babes!

Just a little side-note before you read this post. I had initially written this post at the start of January but had been waiting for the right moment to go ahead and post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted pictures to go alongside it, or what I really wanted to be honest. We’re mid-February now and perhaps this is in fact the exact right time to post this, because I’ve been struggling a little and am in need of a touch of positive affirmation and reminding of how far I’ve come. Without further a due, happy healing my loves.

It may be the little dose of prozac I gulp down every morning or the fact that my mental health recovery has progressed to the point of actually enjoying life, rather than simply enduring it, but for the first time in all my adult life I’m glad to be here for the new year. I like the sound of the new beginnings and the first month of 12 new chapters, and not just because I get a new wall calendar and diary! This is why I’m eternally single isn’t it? Apologies if you may have been thrown by the title, I’ve been spending too much time with my younger cousins, but seriously, 2020 who dis?

Without delving too deeply into the past years, I’ve battled with anxiety, depression, OCD and and an unhealthy appetite for white chocolate Oreos – kidding, but not kidding – I think the premise of this post is really just to say that you can heal, you can recover.

If you’re looking for ‘a sign’ or someone to tell you that it’s possible, I’m here, telling you it is.

I spent weeks upon months upon years trying to find a solution, a remedy, a means of recovery and fortunately a series of events in 2019 set me on the path to this. My situation was quite dire, in the past I’d probably seen over 30 mental health workers; nurses, doctors, councillors, until I found one that changed my life. I found a diamond of a therapist, a medication that actually agreed with me and slowly I became less terrified, less obsessive, less sad. These are probably the two main ingredients for a strong recovery, whether you like it or not.

*I hope I’m not portraying mental health healing as some easy two-step plan that you might stumble across in the middle pages of a Cosmo mag, because it’s not, it’s challenging every single negative thought, it’s being terrified and taking that first step anyway, it’s hardcore but by god is it worth it. Sometimes I feel shocked that I spent so many years missing out, watching the world go by around me from my bed. It seems that healing is a bit like skincare – a lot of trial and error- until eventually you reach goddess status! Sometimes in that process it can be easy to give up, loose hope but, don’t. In the same way you wouldn’t carry on using a face cream that doesn’t quite work how you’d like, healing the mind works in the same way.

I’ve always believed that we’re terrible at treating our mental wellness with the same care and urgency as our physical wellbeing – it’s exactly the same – so step it up my babes.

A few months ago I bought my first dress, after years of feeling completely lost identity-wise. Yesterday I had my first exciting haircut, after waiting two years for my shaved hair to grow back. *Britney Spears circa 2007 type of self-harm is never the answer. I even bought one of those pairs of god-awful Fila Disruptor trainers, and I bloody love them. The old Ev would be too afraid to be seen dead in such a platform. I’m finally coming back to myself. I’ll be starting a floristry course mid-January and am looking forward to travel again. *February update: the course was over-subscribed so I should be starting in April. In 2019 I experienced 3 jobs, it helps that I’ve now found a really great, nurturing work environment- another ingredient to the recipe. You never know when that breakthrough or series of events will start to work in your favour, until then, exhaust all options.

I truly believe the universe works in mysterious ways. I feel as though I’ve been away a while- the best part of 10 years to be precise– and now I’m finally back. Back to me. I’m learning who I was supposed to be when I first became an ‘adult’ at 18; my likes, my dislikes, my identity as a woman and a human: the person that should have been gracing this Earth before the trauma.

She’s back.

IMPORTANT: If any of you babes are experiencing some form of mental health trouble, emotional trauma or are just struggling to cope I would absolutely urge you to seek help, because recovery is possible and this world is to be enjoyed by us all. More importantly and vitally, if you are struggling, be kind to yourself. Self-compassion and kindness really is key and completely overlooked, if only I’d have known this sooner.

My Skincare Basics

Here we are, a few days into the new year, my new blog and here I am writing a second post- who do I think I am?- I almost don’t recognise this committed person- who IS she? Anyway, I’ve been advised by a dear friend of mine and journalist-in-training that it’s best to keep posts short for reader interest, so I’ll take her wise words.

Just to give a very brief skin overview; I’ve been lucky enough not to suffer with acne, just a few spots through puberty which have left me with scars. The usual breakouts when I’m due for my period or when I’ve eaten too many Haribo Strawbs, the usual oily t-zone down the nose, with some really dry areas on my forehead and other patches. Skin often reacts to products, so largely sensitive. I think it’s what they call combination skin? So, let’s kick it, this is what works for me;

The Micellar Water

Do the planet, your skin and most importantly, the animals a favour and stop using that darn Garnier stuff. I was guilty of using it for years too, because it worked for my sensitive skin and I struggled to find a decent cruelty-free alternative for ages. I tried several and my trail eventually led me to this beauty: the Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water.

This is usually out of stock, probably because it’s so great, so if you see it, snap up a few to keep yourself stocked up.

It’s paraben-free, great for all skin types, removes all traces of dirt/ makeup and leaves my skin feeling great. I use it daily. Sukin is a natural Australian skincare brand, I always purchase mine from Holland & Barrett and their other products are equally great too.

The Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser has been my best friend for the best part of a year. It was one of the first Glossier products I’d tried and it really was the ‘gateway product’ that opened my eyes to good skin and the skincare obsession sparked from here. I’d used the same Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wash thing for like 4 years, before becoming cruelty-free, until my skin and the ocean could no longer tolerate the micro-beads. Not all skincare will agree with every skin type, I know friends who don’t like Milky Jelly but personally I can’t live without it. There is no short-cut to good skin unfortunately, I’ve learnt that a lot of trial and error is involved.

The beauty of Glossier is that you can often find minis and samples to test out- I take the mini on holiday with me always. I use mine twice daily and it must be noted that a small bottle of Milky Jelly can stretch for miles; worth every penny, lasts a lifetime.

The Toner

In fairness I’ve tried a lot of very reasonable toners, this is the queen. I discovered the brand Instanatural on BeautyBay and this seemed to be one of their most hyped products across the internet. Spoiler: She’s worth the hype.

Some toners I’d tried and loved from Lush, seemed to work great but left my skin a bit too dry with prolonged use, so I was delighted to find that the Vitamin C Toner didn’t leave my skin flaky and tight at all, ever. I use it daily, spritzed onto cleansed skin. It’s another great, natural-oriented brand that I’ve dabbled a fair bit in and a brand that I will gladly continue to support.

The Exfoliator

This product is proof that we don’t need sandy, granulated, textured formulas to exfoliate the skin’s surface. The Glossier Solution is a chemical exfoliator, a completely liquid formula. I was conscious spending £19 on a non-essential skincare product but because I’d tried a bit of Glossier and loved it, I was willing to chance it. It has now become an essential. I was sceptical at first having gassed half a day’s salary on a bottle claiming to transform skin within 3 weeks. Glossier say “Unlike physical scrubs, Solution uses a 10% blend of skincare acids to “unglue” dead skin and sweep it away, so your complexion appears smoother, softer, and glowier.” They didn’t lie.

I’ve noticed the biggest difference across my nose, where I’d always suffered with blackheads and larger pores, now drastically reduced. My complexion is almost always clear, and I do have this to thank. It’s supposed to be particularly good for acne-prone skin, so surely can do wonders for us all… I use it daily after cleansing, before bed and although I hate how sticky it feels as it dries, I love how it leaves my skin looking- a small price to pay really.

The Skin Salve

It’s impossible to choose my favourite skin salve of these two, both are great, effective salves for lips and dry skin. Balm Dot Com is probably one of Glossier’s most famous products and they do have some incredible formulas. Previous to this I’d tried the Coconut formula, which I think may just be my favourite. The scents are such a beautiful, authentic quality unlike some synthetic scents often accompanying lip balms.

Dr Paw Paw is available in the U.K. at a variety of stockists including TK Max, BeautyBay, Look Fantastic and Oliver Bonas

Dr Paw Paw is a brand I’ve recently become acquainted with and I absolutely love this balm. I’m not sure that I would use their tinted equivalents but if you’re someone who prefers a more subtle tint on the lips, they could be worth a try. This is the original, clear, scentless formula – a staple for good skin.

Having better skin has really transformed my routine, and as a result, the way my makeup adheres to my skin as well. I’ve learnt that taking care of my skin is just as important as brushing your teeth, washing your hair; it’s an overlooked necessity.

Find me on the gram @the.useless.blogger to keep up with my daily (or not-so-daily) uselessness 🙂 x

It’s me, The Useless Blogger

If there’s one thing that unites all of us British people, it’s our love affair with our inner cynic. With that said, hi, I’m The Useless Blogger.

In a world of pretence, airs, graces and never-ending perfectionism sprawled across the internet, I’m here to bring a contemptuous end to it all. Or at least, somewhat. I would still like to create a beauty-based blog of quality, but don’t expect a regular posting schedule, exceptionally-lit flatly set-ups or pictures of my dog and I wearing matching outfits in a park full of falling autumnal leaves; exit the page now if that’s what you’re after.

I’ve tried hacking the blogging scene for some years now, and I look at this new page as honestly, my last-ditch attempt before I put two fingers up to it all and go live with a tribe in Namibia. It’s never been a secret that I’m not the most technologically savvy gal on the internet, and at 24 I’m really getting on in internet years! I often joke that I’m an 84 year-old at heart, with my taste in many things, and please understand that this delay in modern developments of course extends to my blog and internet abilities in general.

One thing that remains true, apart from my shortcomings on the internet, is my ever-evolving love of beauty, and writing – surely that’s enough to run a disappointingly mediocre blog? Apparently not. Perhaps it’s been my lack of consistency, lack of belief in myself, lack of decent technological equipment and a very ‘unconventionally beautiful’ face that has tripped me up in the past. One thing I do however believe in, passionately, is that I’m a terrible blogger.

I film stories for my Instagram and remove the elaborate eyeshadow that has taken hours, vigorously and immediately with my favourite Sukin micellar water. While filming said videos I’m literally sitting on a desk in the spare room, where the light is least horrific, wearing pyjama bottoms and bed socks, looking fully respectable on the top half and quater-life-crisis on the bottom half. Best be quick taking photos and filming though, before the students renting the spare room return, and need to use their desk for it’s intended purpose. Most days I head to my job looking like a twelve-year-old boy, going through his too-insecure-to-wear-anything-but-baggy-jeans phase, without a lick of makeup on my cheeks- seems ironic for a ‘beauty blogger’ eh? That said, most of my content never even makes it to the grid through complete fault of my own; “Will people like it?” “It doesn’t fit the vibe of my page.” “The colours don’t match, I’ll have to post another picture first.” Yes, it’s true that this notion of thinking seems somewhat neurotic and psychopathic. I have genuine obsessive tendencies about the grid layout (and in everyday life, but not the ‘I like things clean’ OCD that your friends love to joke about, the actual OCD thing,) so oftentimes I feel as though I’ve been set up to fail. If the above doesn’t convince you that I’m blindly pursuing a path that is not for me, further examples can be provided.

I love nothing more than a little sprinkling of self-deprecation, if not already noted, especially over my own creative work. It’s time to call a spade, a spade, so rather than coming up with some witty blog title, or using my un-pronouncable immigrant-rooted name for the handle, I’m calling it out for what it is. Welcome to The Useless Blogger.

I look forward to disappointing you continuously x