Six Skincare Suggestions

I’m not entirely sure what my obsession is with alliteration when it comes to blog posts and titles, but let’s go with it. I’ve come up with a few of my simple suggestions, that I personally intergrate into my routine to keep my skin looking and feeling as sweet and settled as a middle-aged middle-classContinue reading “Six Skincare Suggestions”

SAND & SKY Review

Pink Clay Porefining Mask Good evening blog-reading babes! As decided by the poll on my Instagram stories, the new product you most wanted to see reviewed was the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask – is that the longest name for a product ever or nah? I’ve also been trying out another exciting cruelty-freeContinue reading “SAND & SKY Review”

Love Island? Thank U, Next

While I’m sat here in our chaotic family office, Chihuahua-on-lap, eating my way through the last slice of morello cherry pie I can think of 101 good reasons to hate everyone’s most-loved, most-watched ITV2 series, but you’re all people with lives so I’ll make it as brief and hopefully conclusive as possible. As a 24-year-oldContinue reading “Love Island? Thank U, Next”

It’s me, The Useless Blogger

If there’s one thing that unites all of us British people, it’s our love affair with our inner cynic. With that said, hi, I’m The Useless Blogger. In a world of pretence, airs, graces and never-ending perfectionism sprawled across the internet, I’m here to bring a contemptuous end to it all. Or at least, somewhat.Continue reading “It’s me, The Useless Blogger”