Living the life of a woman without a nail technician has become my unfortunate reality as of recent. As much as I want to sit and cry about the state of the world, and my nails, I decided to take matters in to my own hands- literally. Some of you may think it a tad boujée to be indulging in a beautiful gel manicure every 4 weeks, but nail and hair care have become a huge part of my self care and self preservation in general.

I want to keep this review as short and sweet as possible, so as always, scroll to the bottom for the product overview or keep reading for the long and short of it all.

I’ve mentioned bits and bobs of my mental health story here and there, but as someone who neglected myself, my self-care and my own needs for so long, it’s nice to do something outwardly that helps me feel in control and have a sense of agency over my own recovery as well as all the work I do for myself internally, emotionally etc – I suppose the aesthetic side of self-care is really just an extension of that.

Now, enough with the backstory, let’s get into this product review. BarryM is a super affordable cruelty-free British brand, available in the vast majority of U.K. drugstores with an established and growing collection of vegan beauty too. Being without the lovely Dianana (my nail tech, follow her on insta here) has meant that I’m obviously taking the care of my nails into my own hands. I was excited when I discovered this collection and am really into the concept too. The idea behind the Green Origins collection means that the polishes are made up of 70% natural ingredients and I LOVE this.

ASOS have really been expanding their beauty range and I appreciate this deeply, obviously, the more cruelty-free brands, the better, so I first came across these polishes here. So with my bare nails crying out, I went ahead and added 3 beautiful earth-toned shades to my basket and checked out.

Barry M say the range is “Made with 70% certified natural ingredients including potato, corn and wheat, Green Origin delivers the 
high shine finish and long lasting wear of a traditional Nail Paint from a new environmentally sensitive, low-chemical formulation.”
What more could you want, right?

I genuinely prefer this Green Origin formula to the BarryM ‘Gelly’ collection that has been around for years. Obviously the colours in the ‘Gelly‘ range are wider but l’d choose a predominantly natural-based product over a totally synthetic one any day, even if it means a smaller range of colours initially. This natural formula is beautiful and vegan-certified. I generally apply 2/3 coats for a lovely opaque finish and unlike some nail polishes, the formula is not at all watery, washy or patchy, which makes it super easy to use. The brush head allows for perfect application and I honestly can’t fault the formula or performance at all.

Shade ‘Butterscotch’
Shade ‘Charcoal’
Shade ‘Mushroom’

I’ve tried all 3 colours ‘Butterscotch’, ‘Charcoal’ & ‘Mushroom‘ and can say that every one individually performed beautifully. I really think these polishes are a breakthrough which says a lot because I’m extremely fussy with my nails, and beauty products in general as you well know. The base and top coat I use is ORLY Top2Bottom (obvs. cruelty-free, LA-made, a little more on the pricey side compared to BarryM, available at Superdrug but totally, completely and absolutely worth it.) The key to a slick, long-lasting manicure really is the clear coat so I would be curious to try the base & top coat from this range too. At £3.99 each, I think you’d be foolish not to give these a go. I will definitely be buying more from this collection as I do use non-gel polish on my toes year-round/ when I can be bothered and I will definitely be recommending it to other babes.


*These products were purchased by me, this review is based purely on my experience and personal opinion, of course product experience is always unique from one babe to another.

  • Formulation (appearance, scent, texture):  10/10 Every nail polish has that scent but the formula and pigmentation are beautiful. Love that it’s 70% natural ingredient-based.
  • Performance : 10/10 The polish has lasted chip-free for weeks! 
  • Value (worth the dollar?): 10/10 Super affordable, readily available.
  • Packaging:  5/10 Pretty bog-standard.
  • Would I repurchase?  YES, have just ordered the lilac shade ‘Lilac Orchid’

You can find the full, and might I add, beautiful collection of colours on their website here. The beauty of BarryM, is that you can also likely find it at your local Superdrug, Boots or online beauty store. If there’s one drug-store, affordable product you try this month, let it be one of these babies and be sure to get a nice top/base coat to back it up. I feel like Green Origin is really going to be a formula that changes the beauty market, or at least I hope, because if you can make a polish this good with mainly natural ingredients, then there’s less need for all the toxic added nasties across all products and brands. It can be done- the proof is here!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this range or are going to and/or what you think. So stay safe, implement that self-care and then let me know about it,

Ev x

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