Hair Masks Worth Rooting For

Along with the bitter-sweet practice of social distancing, another means of self-preservation I’ve been indulging in over recent weeks, has been to routinely implement hair-care into my bathing routine. Hair care had always been something I’d overlooked, a bit like the importance of quality skincare, until now. I’d kind of always accepted that I was destined to a lifetime of curly, frizzy Mediterranean hair. Hair that had been scraped back by my mother with handfuls of Boots own-brand blue hair gel and a sorry looking wooden brush with abused looking brown bristles, for the most part of my childhood. Recently everything changed.

Without delving too deeply into the self-pity tin, a few years back I shaved my entire hair off in a very not-funny, but totally relatable Britney Spears 2007 type meltdown. *This is not advisable, you can enjoy hair-care without the severe lengths of self-harm first, or ever, and if you are having thoughts that you may harm yourself or someone else, you should absolutely seek help.* The bottom line is, that over the 2/3 years it took to grow back, I felt nothing like myself at all, I hoped that one day I might not be mistaken for my younger brother. Yes, we looked similar but it was a comment I choked back reluctantly although somewhat knowingly, as a 22 year-old woman with dark ‘foreign features’ (whatever that means, stranger in the pub.) This whole process gave me a whole new appreciation for my hair.

My first proper hair cut last November totally blew my mind, and without getting too Russel Brand on you all, I felt re-born in a big way. I now appreciate and care for my hair in a way I never had before. I really take pride in it, as if it were a symbol of my recovery. I’ve enjoyed trying out products and testing brands, so without further a due here are the hair masks I think are worth rooting for.

Lush’s ROOTS

This was the first hair mask I’d ever tried after hearing and seeing great things on Instagram. I started using it as my hair was growing back and although I didn’t document the re-growth process specifically (I’d seen other bloggers say it dramatically promoted their hair growth,) it was super easy to use with very short hair and I felt like I was getting results. The treatment is obviously root-focused whereas many other hair masks tend to treat the lengths and ends. It promises to “…stimulate the scalp, drawing nutrients to the roots to nourish the hair follicles…”

It’s formulated with a lot of naturally-derived ingredients (peppermint oil, sweet orange oil, extra virgin olive oil, honey…) so it’s very gooey and thick in texture. It smells super minty and invigorating, which I love. It should be applied all over the scalp and massaged in for 10-15 minutes, left for about 20 mins and then washed off in the shower followed by your usual hair-washing routine. My hair feels healthy and thick after using Roots and it’s definitely something I would suggest for those with thinner, fine hair above all. I gifted it to my mum for Christmas as she has thinning hair and I’ll be really curious to see the difference it may make.

You can shop it here, or in your local Lush store.

I do tend to have a bit of a dry scalp so this is definitely a product I will continue to re-purchase plus a little healthy hair growth never hurts anyone, right? I like that it’s root and scalp-focused whereas my other masks take care of other elements of the hair. I like that I can apply it before my bath and let it sit for a while, it’s low maintenance and easy to use, plus this size tub lasts very well.

Coco&Eve’s Like A Virgin

I picked up this little beauty from Oliver Bonas, an absolute steal in their post-Christmas sale and let me just say: I will be re-purchasing this product, I will be re-purchasing from this brand because this is truly one of the most exciting hair products ever? This is the ultimate antidote for my frizzy, curly, dyed hair, I almost couldn’t believe the difference after the first use.

The website says it’ll…

  • Restore dry damaged hair
  • Improve hair texture and shine
  • Hydrate and deeply conditions
  • Treats split ends and tames frizz
  • Transform your hair in only 10 minutes

I can easily agree with all of the above. The product smells dreamy – I’m a fan of anything fig-scented– but more than anything it somehow conditions my hair slickly and wonderfully. I’m aware it’s not the cheapest product on the market, the price is reflected in the premium results but I can assure you it’s worth every penny.

You can shop it here, or alternatively from a range of stockists.

I will say that the application isn’t my favourite process, just because you have to apply it after towel-drying washed hair and I always find myself awkwardly leaning over the bath to rinse, but because I’m such a fan of the results I don’t really mind. I use it scarcely throughout the lengths and ends, because my hair is naturally very oily and I’ve found that a super small pea-sized amount is enough to brush through and nourish my entire head. So, bang for your buck, smells amazing and leaves hair feeling like actual hand-spun silk – what more do you want sis?

It’s worth all the hype it gets across social media and if you’re looking to indulge and want a solution to damaged, problematic, frizzy hair, it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t fail you.

The Body Shop’s Shea Butter Richly Replenishing Mask

This lovely conditioning mask from The Body Shop is definitely comparable in results to the Coco&Eve mask above. It’s a little more affordable and accessible, coming in at £12 for this large pot so if you’re new to haircare and masks this is a great shout.

I always find myself reaching for this after shampooing because it’s so easy to use and we can all be a bit lazy sometimes, especially myself as a Libra. It should be applied like a conditioner straight after shampooing and left for 5-10 mins. E-A-S-Y. It has the texture and consistency of a thick conditioner, you can really use as much or little as you prefer, the outcome is equally great. I also give this top points for scent to, they have a lot of products under the ‘Shea’ collection and it’s such a fresh, attractive scent.

You can shop it here or at your local Body Shop.

I either straighten my hair or leave it curly on the rare occasion and this mask means that I can easily do both, without frizz or fuss. This product has about 80 five star reviews on their site and I can totally understand why. They also currently stock a Banana Nourishing hair mask, which I’d be super keen to try too. I feel like this is an easy staple to have in your beauty cupboard for guaranteed results, without splashing the cash.

I like to brush conditioners through my hair before rinsing off as a general routine. I recently bought this WetBrush Go Green Detangler and I love it! Tangle Teezer, step down please.

My haircare is a practice I’ll continue to enjoy, especially while I’m having to stay home. I hope you too can find this same enjoyment. Most sites are still fully-functional for online shoppers even though physical stores are not, so treat yourself to some self-caring haircare babes.



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