26 Things To Do Right Now

A comprehensive list of suggestions and ideas to inspire you during this bizarre time in our lives.

I’ve been finding myself spending a lot more time at home because my workplace is temporarily closed and I don’t really fancy catching the coronavirus and/or potentially spreading it among the old and vulnerable. So, I’ve decided to put together a list of things – mainly for myself – but also for anyone else who maybe struggling during this particularly strange and difficult time.

It’s true that we are slightly limited to what we can do within the confines of our space, but I personally have a never-ending list of things I want and/ or need to do but never get round to doing because I have a first class honors degree in Procrastination, which prevents such-like productivity. Maybe now is the time to do those things? Maybe the universe is physically pushing me out of bed, off my phone and into the present? Or maybe it’s just the run-of-the-mill effect of a global pandemic?

Either way, if you’ve exhausted your Netflix library here are a few ideas….

  1. Re-pot a plant
  2. Propagate a plant
  3. Learn about the proper care of houseplants
  4. Tidy and spring clean your living space
  5. Re-arrange the furniture in your space
  6. Re-decorate your space
  7. Tidy those darn drawers (we all have that one crap drawer)
  8. Organise your wardrobe, Marie Kondo style
  9. Donate all the clothes you don’t want (keep them in a box until charity shops re-open)
  10. Sell the rest on Depop/ Vinted/ Ebay
  11. Support local businesses and smaller, independent sellers
  12. Reach out to a friend, FaceTime family; physical social distancing doesn’t mean complete social detachment. To quote the lyrical and philosophical excellence that is High School Musical “We ARE all in this together” and we’re probably thinking and feeling a lot of the same things, it’s good to remember you’re not alone.
  13. Set up an online business
  14. Start a new blog, every one has a passion and there is an audience for everything these days
  15. Be kind to yourself, there is no right/ wrong way to feel through this
  16. Be kind to others, there’s enough toilet roll to go around the world twice
  17. Find a creative outlet; I’m a lover of adult colouring books
  18. Learn a new skill; Knitting? Baking? Expert plant potter?
  19. Make time for self-care. Don’t neglect yourself just because you’re staying in.
  20. Make a homemade face or hair mask
  21. Try making your own hand sanitiser (god knows you can’t find it elsewhere)
  22. Enjoy a nap
  23. Take an online course
  24. Read that pile of books you’ve been accumulating
  25. Research and plan that trip you’ll take when this is all over.
  26. See this time as an opportunity to lean into yourself, for growth, self-care and healing rather than anything else.

Look after yourselves and let me know if you found this list helpful. My DM’s are always open for messages of kindness, support and obviously cruelty-free beauty recommendations @the.useless.blogger



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